Many neighborhoods and housing communities have rules and regulations that help preserve construction and landscaping standards. In this case the customers pool needed to be updated to meet such standards.

We carefully stripped the plaster and removed the decking from the non-compliant pool, being sure to leave structural elements that we could use in later. We installed new skimmers, LED lighting, and an autofill. The finish was purposely selected to work with the lighting and would help highlight the new sheer descent waterfall trimmed with ledgerstone. The dark plaster finish also provided a stunning contrast with the light colored decking. The finishing touch was the new tile adding a splash of color at the waterline and as underwater accents.

We listened to the customer, understood their issue and then, drawing on our decades of experience in the Greater Sacramento area, had solutions ready to go. We identified and implemented an approach that was both compliant with community standards as well as beautiful.

Featuring: Radiant Fusion in Dark Grey, Stamped tan cantilever decking, GMS Emerald tile

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