Water runoff  from the surrounding yard and an adjacent hill were a problem. It was a struggle to keep the pool clean and chemically balanced. Additionally, the pool design was dated and the spa too costly to run. The customer was frustrated and really needed some viable solutions.

After discussing budget and other aesthetic desires we agreed on a solution and got to work with a major remodel. We needed to reroute the runoff water using sluiceways around the decking. The decking was re-poured and graded to also help manage water as well as colored and stamped to provide a more finished and modern look. We filled in the spa and added a raised beam sheer descent water feature as a key decorative aspect of the backyard. We replaced the plumbing,and skimmers and installed an autofill.

The end result was a pool and deck area that went from a burden to a showcase.

Featuring: Tropical Blend Tahoe finish, GMS Oak color tile, stamped and colored concrete

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