We were originally contacted to see if we could adjust the depth of the pool (10 ft) to shallower depth and add a more natural look to it. Unfortunately, we encountered a structural flaw with the gunite that was causing it to crumble in place. This issue became a priority and we had to adjust the project to correct this serious flaw. Additionally, the homeowner requested that we work in a green manner, so all work had to be efficient and recyclable whenever possible.

We drained the pool and stripped out the failing finish and gunite. Then we set forms to modify the pool design as well as allow for fill  material to make it more shallow. We repaired electrical issues and added efficient LED lighting. The decking was removed and we used a natural DG material for a softer more natural look than concrete. The dramatically dark finish was accented by new tile and a flagstone coping that finished the new look.

The results were beautiful and not only did we fix a potentially devastating problem but we gave the backyard a much more natural look. The efficient new pool is one that we proudly feature as an example of our work.

Featuring: Classic series Obsidian finish, Arizona 608 tile

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