Pool Plaster Explained

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Pool Plaster Options

Today there are many options available for pool and spa plaster. From the classic white plaster surface to pebble or polished aggregate surfaces and the rainbow of colors available, the choices can be somewhat overwhelming.

So what is swimming pool plaster?

Classic White Pool plaster is a mixture of white cement, white marble aggregate and water. When filled with water, the surface creates a pool that is brilliant, clean and has a light blue water color. White plaster is the most economical choice for gunite or shotcrete pool surfacing. The downside to standard white plaster is the surface is more susceptible to pool deterioration from pool water chemistry. The service life of the surface is typically 8 to 12 years.

With the addition of color pigments and dyes, the homeowner has the option of changing the water’s appearance from the classic light blue water to midnight blue and many shades in between.

Probably one of the most frequent terms used by swimming pool owners when describing the color of their water is Tahoe Blue. Aptly named for the color of water that you would see in an alpine lake. This can be somewhat confusing to a new swimming pool owner because the color of the plaster is a shade of gray. The gray plaster surface produces a “Tahoe Blue” colored water. This too, is an economical choice for today’s swimming pool owners.

Adding Silicone Shield

To help extend the service life of standard plaster swimming pools, Silicone Shield can be added to the mix. This product when added to the mix increases the durability and resistance to the effects of pool water chemistry thus increasing the life expectancy of the plaster surface.

Colored Quartz Surfaces

Colored ceramic coated sand can be added to the plaster mix. From reds to vivid blues, the colored quartz adds both aesthetic and increased life expectancy to the plaster surface. In terms of cost, this is slightly higher than standard plaster, yet below the pebble type surfaces. Gemstone 100% Quartz, is the product we use for this type of surface.

Pebble Type Pool Surfaces

A pebble surface contains the addition of various sizes of round polished colored aggregates into the plaster mix, the life of the pool surface is extended and choices of colors are increased. Generically, this pool surface is called an aggregate surface. There are many companies that provide this type of surface. PebbleTec®** was the first company to come up with the idea of adding round polished pebbles into the plaster mix. Bottom line here, there isn’t a discernible difference between manufacturers. Round polished rocks and dye packs, one costs more and some add additives to the mix to increase the hardness of the cured surface. Other than that, there really isn’t a big difference in the finished product.

What you end up with a swimming pool surface that is more uniform in color and lasts longer. This is due to having very hard polished aggregates that will ultimately provide a surface that will last on average of twenty years of more. From a cost stand point, pebble surfaces will add on average 2,500 dollars or more to the standard pool plaster price.

Polished Aggregate Surfaces

Some call this the Cadillac® or Mercedes Benz® of pool surfaces. This surface combines the extend life, color uniformness and variations available of the pebble type swimming pool surface with the smoothness of standard pool plaster.

Colored, smooth polished aggregates are added to plaster then polished to an ultra smooth finish. In the end, you have a pebble looking pool surface that is smooth to the touch that lasts extremely long. Due to the installation procedures involved with this type of surface, the pricing of this surface is the highest.

C and R Pool Plastering has been installing swimming pool plaster in the Sacramento area for over 26 years. We offer many options for your swimming pool plaster, wether you are building a brand new pool or having your pool resurfaced. Call (916) 781-3403 or click to learn more.

To learn more about the installation process, click here for an overview.

We have a couple of options available for exposed aggregate surfaces, RiverRok and Gemstone™.


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