The challenge here was to convert the existing classically shaped pool into a shallower and safer pool for the customer’s grandchildren. It was also very costly to operate. The pool was large and deep so this would not be a small project.

The safety of a shallower pool would provide the customer with peace of mind, but at the same time we wanted to be sure to provide a fun environment so the kids would have fond memories of their days in the sun. We re-designed the pool to maximize the use of space and installed a huge Caribbean bench for a fantastic shallow play area while still preserving a good portion of the pool for adult swimming. We filled the deep end and carefully set the geometry to improve maintenance efficiency, added new skimmers, stamped decking, autofill and new lighting.

The customer was so excited to have a beautiful new looking pool, converted from a deep traditional pool to a safer play-pool for the entire family. The savings from improved efficiency also helped with ongoing costs.

Featuring: Quartz series Laguna finish, CRL rustic tile, cantilevered stamped pebble deck

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